Tradition & generosity

Crafting a taste of Africa with Bite Buddy

The heart, soul, and center of Bite Buddy. We are very excited to share with you our latest project, Bite Buddy's brand and corporate identity. After months of meticulous research, strategic planning, collaborative workshops, and rigorous creative work we created an entirely new identity for this distinct, and delicious brand, Bite Buddy.

There's so much to love about South Africa, including its pap and sauce. This comforting and hearty dish is an emblem of South Africa's food culture and is loved by locals and tourists alike. It is a true celebration of local flavors and traditions.

We looked back to move forward and soon found the sweet spot in South Africa's history and traditions. Embracing Bite Buddy's values inspired our core creative idea of tradition and generosity and gave us an authentic focus for our rebrand. The challenge with our rebrand was combining this idea into one.

We were tasked with creating a complete sensory brand world for Bite Buddy, moving seamlessly from digital to packaging. With such an extensive portfolio, this became the anchor from which sub-brands and variants could flow. We also sought to empower the use of Bite Buddy's key brand assets through our design principles that respectfully play to local nuances.

We redefined the typography and color palette, aiming to encapsulate the heartwarming essence of the Bite Buddy brand. With bold uppercase lettering, we conveyed pride and stature, infusing playful modern twists. Next, we sketched and meticulously designed an iconic symbol that seamlessly melded with Bite Buddy's typography. This elegant yet straightforward logo serves as a tribute to South Africa's rich traditions, while also reflecting Bite Buddy's ethos of generosity, fun, and love.

Clientele: Bite Buddy

Title & Description: Tradition & Generosity

Crafting a taste of Africa with Bite Buddy

Capabilities: Branding, Strategy, and Motion